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Guide to Become a Fitness Instructor

Isn’t it amazing to have a job that’s full of fun and games? If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to pursue a satisfying career then a Fitness Instructor is the right job for you. 

If you feel pleasure in helping someone lose 50 pounds and make them happy at their best, no other jobs can give you such pleasure.

What does a Fitness Instructor do?

When you work as a Fitness Instructor, you will help your client to achieve their health and fitness related goals such as losing weight, getting stronger, improving physical performance or maintaining health fitness. 

Qualifications of a Fitness Instructor

First of all, you need to have the skills to lead and motivate your clients effectively. As an instructor, you should be confident, enthusiastic and positive. 

You must be physically well-fit and able to engage in the physical exercises that you instruct to your clients. Addition to this, you must be in excellent physical shape to represent yourself as a role model. 

To start your professional career as a Fitness Instructor, you require certification in Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor course. 

It may be daunting for you to get to a Fitness school and make some regular time out for your lesson. So, getting enrolled in an online course is the right solution for you. You can take an online course on Fitness Instructor and become a CPD certified Fitness expert with Academy for Health & Fitness.


Take An Online Course And Become a Fitness Instructor

Earnings of a Fitness Instructor

Earning of a Fitness Instructor depends on experience, time, seasonality and location. An entry-level instructor with less than one year experience can make, on average £7.5 per hour. If you are an early career Fitness Instructor with 1-4 years of experience, you can earn £7.8 per hour. Your earnings rise higher with the knowledge you gain. As a late experienced fitness expert, you can make £15 per hour, as per research by payscale.com.

Earnings of a Fitness Instructor

Start your Professional Career

  1. Develop a Map to Success

Every successful career move starts with some plan of action. Develop some plan of action first about starting your career. Take some time and determine whether you want to do it as part-time or full-time, target a specific group you want to serve such as seniors, athletes, or those trying to lose weight etc.


2. Know Your Why

As a trainer, you have to understand why your clients set goals to improve their physical performance. Some of them may want to lose weights, get stronger, gain muscles etc. Identify each group and serve them as per their objectives. 


3. Develop Your Business Skill

When you work as a Fitness Instructor, you are your own product. You have to learn plenty of business management know-how to develop your career. It includes communication skill, marketing knowledge, tax preparation knowledge, public relation skill –and other fundamental factors. 


4. Start your Sales and Promotion

Promote yourself and grow your business by taking steps that will make you accessible to your client group. Begin building sales skills and introduce different offers and packages deal with approaching the clients who are more aware of pricing and rates.


5. Use Right Tech Tools

If you have very few clients at the beginning using a paper-based calendar will work fine for you. But as your client group grows more immense, use digital tech tools to maintain schedule and business such as website, business management software, fitness app, email newsletter programs. The more you can adopt technology, the easier it will be for you to maintain your business. 


6. Stay Up to Date

Remember, your certification is just a kick-start to an exciting career. Keep your work out trendy, fresh and relevant by knowing relevant industry trends and information. Subscribe in newsletters, blogs and podcasts to keep yourself ahead of the pattern. 


Job Opportunities for Fitness Instructor

Not just a traditional health club is your destination; you can work in a variety of places as a Fitness Instructor. You may work independently while setting up your hourly rates, or you can work for a business. If you are a beginner its best to work for a giant club without worrying about running your own venture.


Commercial Gym

If you want to gain some experience first working at a commercial gym is the right place for you. It has some drawback such as lower pay or working on commission. Sometimes you have to work for long hours doing new member orientation.


Local Community Centers

Many local clubs hire personal trainers. Check local community centers in your locality to get a job for you.


Hospitals or Wellness Centers

Many Hospitals and Wellness Centers employ personal trainers to keep fit their patients. These places may require special skills for patients who may have some critical health challenges. 


Resorts & Spa

All-inclusive resorts & Spa hire fitness instructor for their in house gym/fitness club. 


Corporate Fitness

You can work for various companies that offer corporate wellness packages for employees to keep their health fit.

Already you know a lot about Fitness Instructors. It’s time to get a certificate and start achieving your dream career. Explore more courses in Health & Fitness.


April 7, 2020

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