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Course Overview

This Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma is designed by industry experts and will give you a thorough understanding of this topic. Our courses are designed with easy to understand modules that break down each topic and gives our learners proper training on the subject.
If you want to work in this sector and stand out from the rest of the competition, then our Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma
is the perfect place to start.
We guarantee that you will gain relevant skill and will gain tremendous knowledge on the subject. And the professional qualifications that you achieve after completing the course will help you greatly in procuring a job in the relevant field.
Enjoy a pleasant learning experience with the Academy for Health & Fitness. Enrol in our Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma

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Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Chakra balancing guided mediation
  • Daily meditation practices for beginners
  • Yoga Nidra meditation for beginners
  • Mantras and the power of oms 
  • Yoga for different injuries
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Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of a wide range of yoga exercises for beginners
  • In-depth knowledge of chakra balancing meditation techniques
  • Improve your flexibility, core strength and blood circulation
  • Understanding how to use mantras effectively in everyday life
  • Knowledge of the relationship between yoga and detoxing
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to perform sun salutations

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

Once you have successfully completed this Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma course, you will receive a formal qualification which you can use to kickstart your wellbeing journey or become a qualified yoga practitioner working in a gym, fitness centre or on a freelance basis.

Skills You Will Gain 

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

Is This Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma Course Right for You?

With a steady rise in people practising mindfulness, detoxing and yoga, this course is a must for anyone looking to improve the overall wellbeing through guided meditation and spirituality.  If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. This training course can be studied in a full-time or part-time basis, open to learners of all levels. 

Assessment Process

Once you have finished the learning stages in the course, your abilities will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question session, after which you will receive the results immediately. 

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

To receive the CPD and IAO approved certificate, learners must successfully complete the course assessment. For only £10, you may obtain digital certificates. Learners in the UK can buy printed hard copies for £29, while overseas students can buy printed hard copies for £39.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Course-Wide Materials
Intro to this Course and Hello From Dashama 00:05:00
READ THIS FIRST: Quick Start Success Guide. Ebooks and Written Material 00:05:00
Yoga Q&A 00:34:00
Diet Q&A 01:11:00
Read this First: Create a Daily Meditation Practice 00:05:00
Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation 00:09:00
Samadhi Meditation Devi Prayer 00:21:00
Yoga Nidra Meditation 00:13:00
Guided Meditation shifting your paradigm 00:17:00
Soul Healing Guided Meditation 01:08:00
Day 1
Day 1: Read This 00:05:00
Salute the Sun! Rise & Shine with Yoga 00:05:00
Grounding Yoga 00:19:00
Day 2
Day 2 Read This 00:05:00
How to Stengthen Weak Legs 00:07:00
Day 3
Day 3: Read This 00:05:00
Meditation For Beginners 00:06:00
Beginners Vinyasa Sun Salute B 00:06:00
Day 4
Day 4: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Hips & Lower Back- ALL Levels 00:06:00
Beginners Shoulders Mat Vinyasa 00:03:00
Day 5
Day 5: Read This 00:05:00
Fire Practice – Vigorous Vinyasa 01:22:00
Day 6
Day 6: Read This 00:05:00
Miracle Manifestation Yoga Life in Balance 00:05:00
Day 7
Day 7: Read This 00:05:00
Intermediate Surya Namaskar Variation 00:10:00
Day 8
Day 8: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Hips & Inner Thighs 00:09:00
Day 9
Day 9: Read This 00:05:00
Day 10
Day 10: Read This 00:05:00
Balance Yoga Sequence- Level 2/3 00:05:00
Shakira Yoga! Hips Don’t Lie. All levels 00:06:00
Day 11
Day 11: Read This 00:05:00
Wild Thing Yoga Sequence 1 week agoMore 00:04:00
Day 12
Day 12: Read This 00:05:00
6 Pack Yoga Abs part 1 00:04:00
Day 13
Day 13: Read This 00:05:00
Back Bend Bridge Leg Sequence 00:08:00
Day 14
Day 14: Read This 00:05:00
Mantras and the Power of Om 00:04:00
6 Pack Yoga Abs Part 2 00:03:00
Day 15
Day 15: Read This 00:05:00
Sixth Chakra Practice Eyes Closed Yoga 01:11:00
Day 16
Day 16: Read This 00:05:00
Bali Booty Yoga Practice 01:09:00
Day 17
Day 17: Read This 00:05:00
HANDSTAND Press Up- Yoga 00:05:00
Day 18
Day 18: Read This 00:05:00
Face Massage and Yoga 00:09:00
Day 19
Day 19: Read This 00:05:00
Standing Shoulders and Hamstrings Sequence 00:05:00
Day 20
Day 20: Read This 00:05:00
All Levels Prayer Twist Vinyasa 00:04:00
Anti-Aging Raw Food Snack- Weight Loss Diet with Dashama 1 week agoMore 00:05:00
Day 21
Day 21: Read This 00:05:00
Advanced Core Power Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga Level 23 00:07:00
Day 22
Day 22: Read This 00:05:00
Hips & Heart Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga 23 00:05:00
Day 23
Day 23: Read This 00:05:00
Advanced Standing Balance Bow Airplane Half Lotus 00:09:00
Yoga for Knee Injury 00:11:00
Day 24
Day 24: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for a Shoulder Injury 00:27:00
Day 25
Day 25: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Stomach Massage 00:08:00
Day 26
Day 26: Read This 00:05:00
Beginners Balance Yoga Sequence 00:05:00
Day 27
Day 27: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Morning Energizer 00:08:00
Day 28
Day 28: Read This 00:05:00
Yoga for Lower Back Pain 00:15:00
Day 29
Day 29: Read This 00:05:00
Bliss Breath Pranayama 00:06:00
Day 30
Day 30: Read This 00:05:00
Bed Yoga Wide Leg Forward Bend 00:03:00
Next Steps
Lower Back Strength and Stretch 00:06:00
Seated Forward Bends For tight hamstrings and lower back 00:08:00
Warrior Standing Power Sequence 00:06:00
Full Practice 80 minutes – All Levels 01:22:00
Dive Bomber Push Ups aka Swoop Through Push Ups 00:02:00
Yoga to Advance Your SPLITS 00:04:00
Full Wheel Drop Backs – Advanced Practice 00:03:00
Rise and Shine with Yoga Sun Salutations 00:05:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Yoga Teacher – Advance Diploma 00:20:00


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