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Course Overview

With the outbreak of coronavirus, it is important to have an awareness of how diseases spread, the measures you can take to prevent infection, symptoms to look out for and treatment available. The Epidemic and Pandemic Disease Awareness course will broaden your understanding of pandemic diseases such as HIV, SARS, MERS, and Ebola, providing you with expert medical knowledge, statistics and information from the World Health Organisation. Learn how to protect yourself and ensure the right health measures are in place, by enrolling in this comprehensive course today.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • What are pandemics and epidemics?
  • An introduction to coronavirus
  • SARS & MERS transmission, prevention & treatment
  • Zoonotic diseases explained
  • HIV, influenza, Ebola & other pandemic outbreaks
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Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the differences between epidemics and pandemics
  • Excellent understanding of coronavirus symptoms and prevention measures
  • Awareness of how zoonotic diseases are transmitted to humans
  • Knowledge of HIV, SARS, MERS, ebola and other widespread diseases
  • Ability to implement correct safety measures for infection prevention
  • Understanding of how diseases spread and the global impact of pandemics

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

On successful completion, you will be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of disease prevention and control, with knowledge of how diseases spread and the different types of pandemic diseases.  Once you have completed this course and passed the assessment, you will receive an internationally-recognised certification as proof of your new skills.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Up-to-date knowledge and information
  • Healthcare and hygiene awareness
  • Disease prevention & control

Is This  Epidemic and Pandemic: Awareness & Safety Course Right for You?

This course is essential for everyone –  a must for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how pandemics and epidemics occur, disease awareness and best practice. There are no specific entry requirements for the course; it is for anyone who wishes to gain and spread awareness of disease outbreak prevention.

Please Note: This online awareness course gives you sufficient knowledge and guidance on epidemic and pandemic diseases. Completion of the course does not qualify you as an expert in the field. Seek medical advice, in case of any emergencies and other health conditions.

Assessment Process

Once you have finished the learning stages in the course, your abilities will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question session, after which you will receive the results immediately. 

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

To receive the CPD and IAO approved certificate, learners must successfully complete the course assessment. For only £10, you may obtain digital certificates. Learners in the UK can buy printed hard copies for £29, while overseas students can buy printed hard copies for £39.

Course Curriculum

Epidemic and Pandemic Disease Awareness
Module 01: Introduction to Pandemics 00:15:00
Module 02: Pandemics: Risks, Impacts, and Mitigation 00:13:00
Module 03: The SARS – MERS Factors 00:31:00
Module 04: The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 2020 Version of the SARS 00:46:00
Module 05: Zoonotic Diseases 00:22:00
Module 06: Pandemic Outbreaks from History(HIV/Aids) 00:18:00
Module 07: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Influenza) 00:11:00
Module 08: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Nipah Virus) 00:13:00
Module 09: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Smallpox) 00:19:00
Module 10: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Viral Meningitis) 00:13:00
Module 11: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Ebola Virus) 00:16:00
Module 12: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Zika Virus) 00:11:00
Module 13: Pandemic Outbreaks from History (Plague) 00:15:00
Module 14: Mild Threats to Human-Being 00:20:00
Module 15: Pandemic Risks and Consequences 00:17:00
Module 16: Pandemic Mitigation: Preparedness and Response 00:23:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Epidemic and Pandemic Disease Awareness 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Epidemic and Pandemic Disease Awareness 00:20:00


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