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Course Overview

“Manners maketh man” and etiquette makes you socially acceptable. And when it comes to business, knowing the proper etiquette is a must. In this Level 3 Diploma in Business Etiquette, you will learn everything about business etiquettes. The course is comprised of 10 information-rich modules that teach you business etiquettes that make you appear professional and stand out. You will learn about the importance of business etiquettes, how to create a great first impression, dining etiquettes, business email and phone call etiquettes, how to dress for success, international etiquettes, plus many other topics. Enrol today and learn proper business etiquettes. 

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • The Importance of Business Etiquette
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • The Four Levels of Conversation
  • Sticky Situations and Possible Solutions
  • Eating Out
  • Business Email & Phone Etiquette
  • Formal & Informal Letters
  • Dress Codes
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Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to define etiquette and provide an example of how etiquette can be of value to a company or organization.
  • Understand the guidelines on how to make effective introductions.
  • Identify the 3 C’s of a good impression.
  • Identify at least one way to minimize nervousness while in social situations.
  • Understand how to use a business card effectively.
  • Identify and practice at least one way to remember names. 
  • Identify the 3 steps in giving a handshake.
  • Enumerate the four levels of conversation
  • Understand place settings, napkin etiquette, and basic table manners.
  • Understand the protocol for ordering in a restaurant, handling alcohol during a business meal, paying the bill, and tipping.
  • Understand basic guidelines when it comes to the proper form of address, grammar standards, and use of acronyms in e-mails. 
  • Understand basic guidelines for telephone, voicemail, and cell phone etiquette.
  • State the difference between a formal and an informal letter.
  • Understand the meaning of colours in dressing for success.
  • Differentiate among the dressy casual, semi-formal, formal and black tie dress code.
  • Understand basic guidelines on international etiquette.

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

On successful completion of this course, you will have a deep understanding of business etiquettes. You will gain knowledge of best practices and how to utilise these skills in real life. You will be more aware and learn how to follow proper business etiquettes that are going to make you appear a lot more professional and help you advance your career.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Communication skills
  • The ability to write/make formal and informal business letters, emails and phone calls 
  • Impeccable dressing skills
  • Proper eating and dining skills
  • Networking skills

Is This Level 3 Diploma in Business Etiquette Course Right for You?

This course is right for anyone who wishes to learn about business etiquettes. If you have just started your career, then this course will be perfect for you. It will teach you important business etiquettes that will help you advance in your career faster. There are no specific entry requirements for this course, which can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis.

Assessment Process

Once you have completed the modules in the course, your skills and knowledge will be tested with an automated multiple-choice assessment, after which you will receive instant results.

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

To receive the CPD and IAO approved certificate, learners must successfully complete the course assessment. For only £10, you may obtain digital certificates. Learners in the UK can buy printed hard copies for £29, while overseas students can buy printed hard copies for £39.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Understanding Etiquette
Understanding Etiquette 00:09:00
Module Two: Networking for Success
Networking for Success 00:15:00
Module Three: The Meet and Greet
The Meet and Greet 00:09:00
Module Four: The Dining in Style
The Dining in Style 00:11:00
Module Five: Eating Out
Eating Out 00:10:00
Module Six: Business Email Etiquette
Business Email Etiquette 00:11:00
Module Seven: Phone Etiquette
Phone Etiquette 00:08:00
Module Eight: The Written Letter
The Written Letter 00:09:00
Module Nine: Dressing for Success
Dressing for Success 00:09:00
Module Ten: International Etiquette
International Etiquette 00:10:00


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