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Course Overview

The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet known for aiding weight loss and promoting lean muscle growth in just a short space of time. Over recent years, it has had a surge in popularity, and more and more people are following its formula, from athletes to fitness gurus. This Ketogenic Diet Mastery course will show you how to master the Ketogenic diet and tailor it to your personal needs, covering key topics such as health benefits, myth busters, creating your diet plan and quality food sources.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Ketogenic diet benefits
  • Ketogenic diety myths debunked
  • Setting up your Ketogenic diet
  • Weight loss & muscle growth
  • Best Ketogenic diet food sources
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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to incorporate the ketogenic diet into your lifestyle
  • Create the perfect Keto weight loss meal plan for your personal dietary needs
  • Know how to adjust your diet for weight loss and muscle gain
  • Keep track of your progress and calculate your maintenance calories

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be able to kickstart a career in the diet and fitness industry or begin your personal health journey to a slimmer, fitter you. You will also have the practical knowledge to tailor the Keto diet to your needs and enjoy a healthier relationship with food.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Patience and motivation
  • Strength and endurance
  • Scientific knowledge

Is This Ketogenic Diet Mastery Course Right for You?

The Keto diet has seen steady growth in popularity and is now followed on a global scale. If you’re looking for a proven method for losing weight and building lean muscle, then the Keto diet’s high-fat low-carb meal plan is perfect for you. If you’re considering a career in diet and nutrition, then this course will also provide you with the practical knowledge you need to understand the Keto diet fully.

Assessment Process

Once you have finished the learning stages in the course, your abilities will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question session, after which you will receive the results immediately. 

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

To receive the CPD and IAO approved certificate, learners must successfully complete the course assessment. For only £10, you may obtain digital certificates. Learners in the UK can buy printed hard copies for £29, while overseas students can buy printed hard copies for £39.

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Course Curriculum

Course Overview: What You Will Learn 00:02:00
Ketogenic Diet Overview: What it is & how it works 00:07:00
Keto Diet Myths Debunked 00:05:00
Is Keto Right For You? 00:07:00
Setting Up Your Ketogenic Diet
Overview 00:02:00
Calories Explained 00:04:00
Calories And The Ketogenic Diet 00:02:00
How To Calculate Your Maintenance Calories (TDEE) 00:03:00
Protein Explained 00:02:00
How Much Protein On Keto 00:02:00
How Many Carbs On The Ketogenic Diet 00:02:00
Fat Explained 00:03:00
How Much Fat On The Ketogenic Diet 00:01:00
Sample Diet 00:03:00
Adjusting Your Diet For Weight Loss & Muscle Growth
Adjusting Your Diet For Weight Loss 00:05:00
Adjusting Your Diet For Muscle Gains 00:04:00
Targeted Keto Diet: For Athletes 00:02:00
How To Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus 00:04:00
Explaining Unexpected Weight Changes 00:03:00
How To Track Your Progess 00:04:00
Best Food Sources For Keto
Quality Protein Sources 00:01:00
Quality Carbs Sources 00:01:00
Quality Fat Sources 00:01:00
Supplements 00:04:00
How To Use Protein Powder 00:06:00
How To Use Creatine 00:04:00
Fish Oil 00:03:00
Other Dieting Tips
Alcohol & Caffeine On Keto: Is it ok? 00:02:00
How To Detect Ketosis 00:04:00
Should You Take Multivitamins 00:02:00


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