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Course Overview

Want to know the secrets to a fit and healthy physique?  The Healthy Dieting and Nutrition course is the ultimate instructor-led guide for beginners, providing you with clear facts about nutrition and how to create the perfect meal plan based on the science of healthy eating. Forgot the latest fads and learn how to achieve your long-term weight loss goal by making some simple yet effective lifestyle changes. 

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • The science behind healthy eating 
  • Calorie allowance and food composition
  • An introduction to supplements
  • Health eating dos and don’ts
  • Common diet trends and myths explained
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Learning Outcomes

  • How to lose weight fast and build lean muscle through clean healthy eating
  • Gain a complete understanding of the science behind nutrition and weight loss
  • Fast track your career in the health and fitness industry with an accredited qualification
  • Create a healthy meal plan rich in superfoods and achieve the body you’ve always wanted
  • Become a healthier, happy you, by following some simple lifestyle changes
  • Understand the importance of nutrition and healthy eating for weight loss management

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

Transform your physique in just a short space of time by following our trusted and proven methods of dieting. Learn the safe and easy way to shed the ponds and maintain your weight loss. Understand the science behind healthy eating and ditch the latest fads by creating a structured meal plan that works for you.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Scientific knowledge of nutrition
  • Meal planning
  • Commitment and dedication
  • goal-setting

Is This Healthy Dieting and Nutrition Course Right for You?

This course is for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way by learning from the experts. It is also ideal for those who are looking to kickstart a career in the health or fitness industry. To provide you with ease of access, this course is designed for both part-time and full-time students. You can become accredited in just 20/30 hours, with the freedom to study at your own pace.

Assessment Process

Once you have finished the learning stages in the course, your abilities will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question session, after which you will receive the results immediately. 

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

To receive the CPD and IAO approved certificate, learners must successfully complete the course assessment. For only £10, you may obtain digital certificates. Learners in the UK can buy printed hard copies for £29, while overseas students can buy printed hard copies for £39.

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Course Curriculum

Course Promo 00:02:00
Introduciton & What you will learn in the course 00:04:00
who this course is for 00:01:00
what is nutrition 00:01:00
The principles of healthy dieting 00:04:00
the true dieting pyramid 00:04:00
Calorie Balance
Calories Explained 00:04:00
bodyweight and health 00:05:00
Calories & bodyweight in a healthy diet 00:02:00
the twinkie diet 00:02:00
weight loss and health 00:03:00
How many calories do you need daily 00:02:00
How To Determin Your Optimal Calorie Intake 00:03:00
healthy weight ranges 00:02:00
How to lose weight if you are close to the optimal range 00:03:00
How to lose weight when you start from a higher weight 00:02:00
Diet breaks 00:05:00
How to track calories 00:05:00
How to lose weight without tracking calories 00:04:00
Food Composition
food composition intro 00:03:00
Protein Composition copy 00:02:00
Carbohydrate Composition copy 00:03:00
Fat Composition copy 00:01:00
Overview food composition 00:03:00
Macros intro 00:01:00
Protein Explained 00:02:00
protein needs for overall health 00:02:00
How Much Carbs should you eat per day copy 00:01:00
How Much Fat Should You Eat Per Day copy 00:04:00
Overview Macronutrients 00:03:00
Nutrient Timing
Nutrient Timing Intro 00:02:00
Nutrient Timing Facts 00:04:00
Nutrient Timing Recommendations 00:02:00
Supplements intro 00:04:00
Why Mulitvitamins arent a good idea 00:02:00
supplements for vegans and vegetarians 00:02:00
supplements for joint health 00:02:00
supplements for improved sleep 00:02:00
supplements for better memory and focus 00:02:00
Supplements Overview 00:01:00
How to naturally increase testosterone 00:07:00
Healthy Eating Fundamentals
basics of healthy dieting 00:02:00
making changs towards a healthier diet 00:04:00
How to read a nutrition label copy 00:03:00
Health Myths, Diet Fads & More
diet myths into 00:01:00
Dieting myth #1 Carbs are bad for you copy 00:02:00
Dieting Myth #2 Fat is bad for you copy 00:01:00
Dieting Myth #3 Protein is bad for you copy 00:04:00
Dieting Myth #4 Eating Eggs Raises Cllesterol copy 00:01:00
Dieting Myth #5 Avoid Salt At All Cost copy 00:01:00
Dieting Myth #6 Eat several small meals throughout the day to lose weight copy 00:01:00
Dieting Myth #7 Diet Foods Will Lead To Weight Loss copy 00:01:00
Red meat always causes cancer copy 00:03:00
Common Diet Trends Explained
Common Diets Intro 2 copy 00:01:00
Gluten Free Diet Explained copy 00:03:00
Paleo Diet Explained copy 00:04:00
Low Carb Diet Explained copy 00:03:00
Intermittend Fasting Explained copy 00:03:00
Vegan Diet Explained copy 00:05:00
Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)
Micronutrients Introduction 2 copy 00:01:00
Vitamin A copy 00:02:00
Vitamin B copy 00:01:00
Vitamin C copy 00:01:00
Vitamin D copy 00:02:00
Vitmain E copy 00:01:00
Vitamin K copy 00:01:00
Calcium copy 00:02:00
Magnesium copy 00:01:00
Phosphorus copy 00:01:00
Potassium copy 00:01:00
Sodium copy 00:01:00
Copper copy 00:01:00
Iron copy 00:01:00
Zinc copy 00:02:00
water copy 00:04:00


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