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Course Overview

Are you looking for the perfect Health and Social Care Training- Reablement course? Then you are in the right place. This expert training course will satisfy you with the highest level of outcomes. This course will enable you to gain or regain your confidence, ability, and necessary skills to live independently after having a social care crisis such as illness, a deterioration in health or injury. Here is everything as a package you need to become a master in health and social care industry.

This comprehensive training course includes practical skills and knowledge to give you real insights about reablement. This course is designed in a step by step process that will answer each of your questions. You’ll have the all essential knowledge and skills to start making a positive difference to live an independent life.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Introduction to Reablement 
  • An overview of the policy context
  • Guidance for families and carers 
  • Understanding intermediate care and reablement
  • Understanding the required cultural changes
  • Understanding the importance of goal setting
  • Understanding skill mixing and supporting services
  • How to sum up the outcomes to reach the goal
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Learning Outcomes

  • In-depth understanding of reablement 
  • Learn excellent communication skills
  • Improve your personal independency skills
  • Learn how to prepare your own meals 
  • Learn how to face problems and solve them 
  • Learn how to mix skill and supporting service
  • Learn how to make an appropriate strategy 
  • Learn how to sum up your outcomes

Course Preview

Your Path to Success

This comprehensive course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to be more independent, especially after having a social crisis or injury. This course is for anyone who wants to live without dependency and it is ideal for leaders, managers or human resources professionals to guide their fellows properly after any special case. 

Skills You Will Gain

  • Psychological understanding
  • Self-confidence
  • Problem-solving 
  • Assessment 
  • Leadership
  • Motivating
  • Planning

Is This Health and Social Care Training – Reablement Course Right for You?

This course is right for anyone who wishes to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a nursing assistant, how to work effectively with infection prevention & control, and fast track their career with relevant high-valued skills. There are no specific entry requirements for this course and the learner has the freedom to choose between studying this course on a part-time or full-time basis.

Assessment Process

Once you have completed the modules in the course, your skills and knowledge will be tested with an automated multiple-choice assessment, after which you will receive instant results.

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

Upon passing the assessment, you will receive proper certification that is recognised all over the UK as well as internationally. The PDF certificate is free of cost which you can download instantly upon completing the assessment or you can order it online. You can also receive an original printed copy of the certificate for showcasing your achievement anywhere and everywhere, which will be sent to you by post. The postal fee for this printed copy is only £5.99, with no additional fees or expense.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Reablement
Introduction to Reablement 00:08:00
Module 2: Policy Context
Policy Context 00:09:00
Module 3: Guidance for Families and Carers
Guidance for Families and Carers 00:22:00
Module 4: Understanding Intermediate Care & Reablement
Understanding Intermediate Care & Reablement 00:06:00
Module 5: Guideline for Intermediate Care & Reablement
Guideline for Intermediate Care & Reablement 00:42:00
Module 6: Required Culture Change
Required Culture Change 00:16:00
Module 7: The Importance of Goal-Setting in Reablement
The Importance of Goal-Setting in Reablement 00:05:00
Module 8: Skills Mix and Supporting Services
Skills Mix and Supporting Services 00:08:00
Module 9: Outcome Measurement – Features of a Successful Reablement
Outcome Measurement – Features of a Successful Reablement 00:15:00
Module 10: Supporting People Living with Dementia
Supporting People Living with Dementia 00:13:00
Module 11: Successfully Ending a Period of Reablement
Successfully Ending a Period of Reablement 00:05:00


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